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Air Conditioner Panasonic QN12UKY

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Key Features


PM2.5 Twin Filter
Catechin Filter
Powerful Mode
Temperature Indicator(Hidden Display in NS/WS series only)
Blue Fin Condenser

Delivery available only inside Kerala

Nanoe-G: No

PM2.5 Twin Filter: Yes

Catechin Filter: Yes

Air Purification Mode: No

Odour- Removing Function: No

Removable,Washable Panel: Yes

Clean Mode: No

iAuto-X: No

iAuto: No

ECONAVI Dual Sensor: No

Inverter: No

Quiet Mode: No

Powerful Mode: Yes

Soft Dry Operation mode: Yes

Wide & long air flow vane: No

Personal Airflow Creation: No

Airflow Direction Control (Up and Down): Yes

Manual Horizontal Airflow Direction Control: Yes

Automatic Operation Mode (Cooling): Yes

Temperature Indicator(Hidden Display in NS/WS Series only): Yes

Inverter Power Display: No

Sleep Mode: Yes

Hot Start Control: No

Eco Mode: No

24 Hour Dual ON & OFF Real Setting Timer: No

24 Hour ON & OFF Real Timer: Yes

12 Hours ON/OFF: No

LCD Wireless remote controller: Yes

Blue Fin Condenser: Yes

Micro Channel Condenser: No

Long piping (Number Indicate the maximum pipe length): 15m

Self Diagnostic Function: No

Designed for 52˚C Outdoor Temperature: No

Eco Tough Casing (Superdyma): No

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