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Ceiling Fan VGuard VajraDX1200mm(P Steel)

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Special Price ₹3,610.00 Regular Price ₹3,650.00


Key Features


Elegant construction of motor and canopy with Premium electroplated finishes

Double-shielded ball bearings ensure operational reliability

Specially designed blades for better air flow

Sweep 1200 mm                              

Speed 340 RPM               

Power 75 W       

Air Delivery 230 m³/min               

Voltage 75 W

Delivery available only inside Kerala


Think of optimal performance and efficiency and you would indeed find this special product flying high. VAJRA DX 48 is available in the colours of Polished Steel, Antique Copper & Antique Brass.

Made to assure elegance to your room with the premium electroplated design finish of motors and canopy, these fans are also high in efficiency and performance. The advanced design of blades used in this model assures a steady and uniform airflow across the room. This amazing mode is equipped with double shielded ball bearings that bestow matchless sturdiness and steadiness, making it a highly reliable and efficient product by all means.

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