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Gas Stove Bajaj IX2(2B)

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Key Features

2 Burner System - auto

2 Years Warranty on product

5 Years Warranty on Burner

Aluminum pressure die cast Mixing tube to ensure longer life

Bajaj IX 2

Ribs in centre of the body to add strength

Stainless Steel body

Delivery available only inside Kerala

Big Burners 77 l/hr.,2064 Kcal/ hr: 1

Large burner 90. l/hr/2412kcal/hr(jumbo): NA

Burner Material: Brass

Pan support: PC IN MS

Body Dimension in mm: 650x345x100

Thickness : 0.6 mm

Knob Material: Nylon

LEG: Rubber

Master carton: Yes

Nos.of unit: 4

Warranty on product: 2YEARS

Warranty on Burner: 5yrs

Body Channel: Stainless Steel

Burner: 2 burner-Auto

Small burner,58 l/hr.,1554 Kcal/hr: 1

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