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Gas Stove Preethi BFBlaze3BSI(GTS108)

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Key Features


Sturdy Gas Knobs with Night Glow

Vitreous enameled Pan Support

Highly quality enamel on pan support prevents corrosion of pan support

Heavy Duty Brass Burners

Delivery available only inside Kerala


Saves 5 Days of Gas

Industry leading thermal efficiency that helps you save 5 days of gas

Smart Ignition

For the first time time Glass top gas stove will have separate lighters for every burners, on pressing the switch knob spark will be produced only at the burner corresponding to it. This increase the life of Spark Plug and the Battery used

Extendable Leg

For the first time the gas stove will have Extendable legs, The extendable legs will increase the height of the gas stove, so that consumer can clean the kitchen slab without lifting the stove

Spark Plug

Inverted “L” shaped spark plug will not get blocked by any food particles will perform efficiently when every time consumer presses the switch knob

Heavy Duty Brass Burners

Blu Flame has one of the heaviest brass burners in the category makes cooking faster

Removable Drip tray

Removable Drip tray similar to that of Stainless gas stove makes cleaning even more easier and convenient

Thermally Toughened Glass top

7mm thick thermally toughened glass top makes it highly durable, long lasting and heat resistant

Sturdy Gas Knobs with Night Glow

Sturdy and long lasting gas knobs and Night Glow enables the user to spot the knob even in darkness

Vitreous enameled Pan Support

Highly quality enamel on pan support prevents corrosion of pan support


Two Year Warranty.

Life Long Free Service


Mini Pan Support & Burner Cleaner


Model No. : Blaze – GTS 108

Type: 3 Burners

Burner Material: Heavy Duty Brass Burner

Drip / Spill Trays Materials: Stainless Steel.

Body Finish: Stainless Steel

Gas: For use with LPG at 2.942 kN / m2 (30gf / cm2)

Ignition System: Manual

Warranty: 2 Year

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