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Induction Cooker Bajaj ICX3

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Key Features

1400 W, 230V ~ 50Hz

Energy saving due to quick & efficient heating

Well designed internals to avoid ingress of water & insects

Reliable & long life tact switches

Flat clean elegant cook top in unpolished glass

Easy to operate controls

Power ON/OFF switch

Display timer

8 pre-set menus

Variable temperature selection

Variable time selection

Variable power selection

Easy to clean

Fixed and variable cooking options

Function selection switch

Delivery available only inside Kerala

Watt: 1400

Working Voltage Range: Tact switch

Control: 8

Preset cooking options/cooking menu: 250mm*250mm

Plate Size: Semi Polished

Plate Finish: 4 Digit

LED Display: Black

Color: Rectangle

shape: 130V TO 270V AC

IGBT Used: 25A

Others: NA

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