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Inverter VGuard Prime1050

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Special Price ₹7,300.00 Regular Price ₹8,990.00


Key Features


High inrush load handling

Battery water topping reminder

Single battery design

Normal/high voltage modes for different out put voltage performances

Digital Signal Controller based design for pure sinewave output


Delivery available only inside Kerala

supreme performance with the very special Prime 1050 inverter 

Coming to you with Normal/High voltage modes for different output voltage performances, this product is made with Digital Signal Controller Based Design that assures pure Sinewave output.

Equipped with high inrush load handling capability

Prime 1050 boasts of a selectable charging mode for different battery technologies.

With the Prime 1050, you also stand to gain the advantage of an automatic battery water topping reminder.

Another special feature that makes this product stand out is the Battery Gravity Builder with overcharge and deep discharge protection. 

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