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Juicer Sujata Multimix

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Key Features


Totally shock-proof and safe

Stainless steel jars

Whipper button for momentary motion

3 Speed with Rotary action switch

Delivery available only inside Kerala

Motor: Heavy duty, Universal type 900 Watts with double ball bearing.

Power Supply: 230 to 240 Volts, AC 50-60 Hz.

Power Consumption: 900 Watts on maximum load.

Rating: 90 Minutes

Speed Control: 3 Speed with Rotary action switch,Whipper button for momentary motion.

Motor Speed: No Load Speed maximum approx 22000 R.P.M.

Protection: Class I double insulated.

Flex Cord: P.V.C approx 2.15 meters usable with 5 Amp. 3 pin plug.

Net Weight with Carton: 7.0 Kg. approx.

Dimensions(in CMS)L * W * H: 57 * 29 * 37

Capacity of Jars

Blender : 1750 ml.

Dry Grinder: 1000 ml.

Chutney Grinder: 400 ml.

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