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Water Purifier Havells UTC

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Key Features

Absolute safety through 100% RO and UV Purification

Double UV Purification


Membrane performance Enhancer


Germicidal wave length

Futuristic Design

i-Protect purification monitoring – safe water or no water!

Floor & wall mounting

Pressure tank with Ingress protection

Smart alerts

Rotating faucet

1-In-A-Million Service

Smart Care Extended Warranty Plan

Delivery available only inside Kerala

Product dimensions(h x d x w): (380 x 210 x 450) mm,(38 x 21 x 45)cm

Net weight (kg): 10.3 kg

Flow rate: Up to 15 litres per hour

Tank capacity (L): 8 litre /10 litre

Purification technology: RO & UV Technology

Purifying stages: 8 STAGES (RO+UV)

Material of construction: Food safe

Power rating (maximum): 52W

Pressure rating: 06-30 psi

Ultra violet lamp power rating: 11W

Input voltage range: 230V, 50Hz

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